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3 Ways To Maintain Liver Health

3 ways to maintain liver health

Liver is a very important organ of our body that controls many metabolic activities including formation of bile, breakdown of fat cells, conversion of glucose to glycogen so that it can be stored as source of energy, formation of cholesterol, Vitamin D, blood sugar regulation and also helps in the purification of the blood by removing toxins.

According to Ayurveda, Liver or Yakrit is the place of Pitta Dosha, the metabolic dosha of our body. It is the Jatharagni(digestive fire ) that helps in the digestion and absorption of the food. It is important to maintain liver health and keep the pitta dosha balanced for a healthy digestion.

We should follow some simple ways to maintain liver health –

1- DETOXIFICATION- It is a very healthy way of flushing out toxins from the liver by taking liver friendly foods and juices. The liver cleans itself regularly and improves its own immunity but a detoxification will improve the liver health. If we take dandelion tea, vegetable juices, green smoothies, turmeric tea, chamomile tea and mint tea, it will help to clean the liver and maintain its health. Also avoiding alcohol consumption is a way to detox the liver

2- LIGHT DINNER- Do not skip your dinner or overeat at night is the key to having a healthy liver. Eat foods which are rich in cruciferous vegetables cooked in unsaturated fats like extra virgin olive oil or homemade ghee. Also Consuming fibre-rich whole grains like quinoa, amaranth, barley or brown rice in dinner will maintain the liver health. A cup of black tea or coffee at night not only detoxify the liver but also prevents many liver diseases

3- GINGER-  It is a superfood that prevents the inflammation of the liver and thus improves liver health. It is a carminative that speeds up the digestion process by stimulating the liver to produce digestive enzymes and juices. The compound gingerol present in ginger is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, controls insulin levels and boost metabolism, stimulating the liver for the breakdown of the fat.

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