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Who Should Consult ?

If you have mild nagging and chronic issues like acidity, gas, a feeling of bloated stomach, hairfall, which have not subsided despite taking medications, then you may need a “ Root cause Assessment “

A “ Root Cause Assessment “ is a system of Vedic sciences wherein the Doctor (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Sciences – BAMS ) will through a detailed history diagnose the root cause of your condition and advise the solution.

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Who are Vedique Doctors ?

Ayurvedic Doctors have done a 5 year Bachelors Course which teaches them anatomy, physiology, pathology, gynaecology, pharmacology (Herbs and ayurvedic medicines etc).

At One Health Platform, all the Vedique Doctors are specially selected to be Qualified & Certified from well known National Institutes. They also are additionally trained in counselling and to advise on guidelines of simple kitchen herbs which aid in healing which are complimentary to your pre-existing allopathic or other treatments.

Consultation Fee : INR 599 /-

Duration of Consult : 30 Minutes

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How Does it Work ?

Choose your preferred Time for an Online Consultation and make the payment.

Fill in your health concerns and issues in the Consultation Form.

At the Appointment time, consult virtually on the online secure platform.

Receive the prescription via Email.

Consult a Vedique Nutritionist for a personalised Nutrition Plan

Many of our health issues are due to consuming foods which either do not match our Bio Energy or we are consuming the wrong combination of foods which could be creating end products after digestion which are harmful and are leading to our ill health.

How Can a Vedique Nutrition Consult Help ?

A  Vedique Nutrition consultation will help to assess your current eating plan, and diagnose the errors and remedial eating measures. The Vedique Nutritionist will help with designing a Nutrition  plan which works for you according to your health, and preferences.

FEES : One Time Consultation (INR 499) + 1 month subscription of One Health Platform to get personalised daily recipe plans  (INR 650).

Combination only for INR 999/-


  Consult Now

How Does it Work ?

Choose the convenient Appointment time on calendar and book the time and Make the payment for the Consultation online

Fill in the Consultation Form with your details

At the Appointment time consult with the Vedique Nutritionist online on one health platform

You get the Prescription, which includes a 1 month subscription to the One Health recipes platform.

Who should sign up for health coaching ?

If you have been struggling with your health goals for more than 6 months and despite good intentions, there is no improvement in your health then,  the solution to your problem is to sign up with a health coach.

How Does it Work ?

Most research done on health transformation has validated the common knowledge that people are unable to make changes by themselves and everyone needs a coach to guide and motivate them to make lasting habit changes. A Nutrition coach is a professional who has the degree of a Dietician and has been specially trained in health coaching.

Step 1- Fill in the Enquiry form or chat with our Customer Relationship Executive who can guide you to select the appropriate program

Step 2 – Select the Program duration based on the Health Goal

Step 3 – Register and make the payment for the Selected Health Program

Step 4 – You shall receive a welcome call by the Vedique Doctor who will take a detailed medical and Dietary history

Step 5 – You will be assigned a personal Nutrition coach, who will plan your personalised  weekly meals and also call you twice a week to make sure you stay motivated and enthused about your health transformation program.

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