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Is the software available for free or on a paid basis?
The software provides a free trial period for users to test it before going for the paid version
What is the difference between free and paid versions of the software?
Both the versions provide the same functionalities. However, the free version allows few patients to be added. To add more users, one needs to upgrade to the paid version.
How do we add patients?
In order to add patients, healthcare professionals first need to create a program based on focussed health areas and add a nutritionist. Post these steps, one is set to add new patients. Both these are available as drop down boxes in their dashboard.
What is phenotype?
By Phenotype, we refer to the ayurvedic dosh of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. According to Ayurveda, these prakriti affect various aspects of our life.
How do we opt for phenotype based treatment?
By checking the phenotype button in the registration form. It can be a useful tool for ayurvedic practitioners.
How does one access the software?
For healthcare professionals: they can access through web page (laptop or desktop preferred). The login button is available on the company webpage: https://OneHealth.co/
For patients: Through the OneHealth mobile app.
How does a patient login to the OneHealth app?
When creating a patient, the healthcare professional provides their mobile numbers. The patient would provide the same number on the OneHealth app. A login OTP is then sent to the patient on the number provided.
Can healthcare professionals add their logo on the app for their patients?
Yes, we support whitelabelling with the professional’s brand. The logo will be visible to their patients on the app.

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