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How is your activity level? How much you like sitting or you feel lively most of the time and feel restless when sitting?

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How does your body frame/ body type/ frame size, look like?

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How is your body temperature?

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How is you appetite (desire to have food)?

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How is your digestive bowel cycle? Meaning how often you need to go for nature's call?

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How is your digestion? Is it easy or you have problem once you eat fatty food?

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How is your hair?

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What is your skin type?

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How is your sleep pattern?

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How easily you sweat and is it high on odor?

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What about your taste preference? Do you like….

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How is your thirst (craving for having fluid on regular basis? Fluid - water primarily)

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What do you feel about your voice quality?

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What is your weather preference? When do you feel most comfortable, when it is ………….

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How is your weight?

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How do you think you respond to other people most of the times? What is your behavior, thinking or say reaction towards others?

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How are your responses/behavior when with people? Do you like being with many people/ or with people all the time? Are you more comfortable working and living alone?

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What is your approach when talking with people? How is your speech?

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How is your memory?

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