Age : 21

Location : Hyderabad

Occupation : Student

Medical Condition (If any) : Repeat ACL revision surgeries and preparing for meniscus transplantation surgery

Initial Weight : 119 Kg

Final Weight : 86 – 88 kg

Total Weight Loss : 31 – 33 Kg

Medical improvement (If Any)  : Since the weight loss there’s been less pressure on my injured legs helping with pain management.

Program duration :  April 15th 2021 – May 31st 2022

Satyajith shares his Health transformation Secrets

Due to a leg injury and multiple surgeries, I’ve gained about 35- 40kg. I always assumed that once I finished college, I would go to the gym and do my work to lose weight; I never believed that simply altering my diet and walking for 1 hour per day, or performing any sort of activity, would give me these results. My cousin pushing me into this would be the tipping point.

Early Morning : Any of the herbs prescribed by the doctor

Breakfast : Egg omlet (1-2) + Mint chutney + Green tea

Mid morning : Green tea + Soaked almonds

Lunch : Quinoa salad ( 1 large bowl )

Evening : Wheat khakhra (1-2) + jasmine tea

Dinner: Milk museli ( large bowl )

I’ve been going to the gym for about 3 months, focusing mostly on weights and not much cardio, but I would advise others to maintain going to the gym on a regular basis. Due to my ailment, I was unable to attend the gym.

Well, I don’t have a secret; it had to be done, so I simply did it. I didn’t have many cheat days, and I was actually eating just what was on the nutritionist’s charts after the follow-up calls. I believe the sole trick is to keep your mind straight and stick to your objectives, rather than succumbing to your temptations.

Being over weight I didnt really have any problem with it and I like the teddy bear comments:) Apart from the jokes, I had a hard time finding clothes that fit me, and I also had a hard time blending into a group of individuals.

The most significant adjustments were my daily routine of walking and cycling, as well as attending to the gym for a period of time, but the eating transition from junk food to healthy food was the most influential.