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6 Ways to Prevent Joint Pain while Aging


6 Ways to Prevent Joint Pain while Aging

Joint pain is the normal part of ageing process. It is common yet it is a serious problem because pain can affect the aspect of life. Sometimes the pain gets so much increased that it is very difficult for people to walk and cause further problems like Arthritis which further cause inflammation in the joints.

According to Ayurveda joint pain is of two types. The first one is associated with poorly-nourished joints or low bone density and overall weakness in the joints. This kind of problem starts with some discomfort, a cracking sound, and if not taken care of, results in eventual immobilisation of the joints. The second kind is associated with a toxic overload in the joints and is the result of too many toxins in the body. As ama (the sticky, toxic waste product of incomplete digestion) accumulates in the joint, it first creates stiffness and heaviness. If ama stays there for a long time, the joint can become swollen and painful. Damp, cold weather can aggravate this type of joint problem.

The simple ways to prevent joint pain are listed below:

1. Reduce Weight

The number one secret for happy knees is to stay lean and healthy. If a person is overweight then his/her weight comes on the knees and that pressure on knees will cause more pain on knees and make the situation adverse. So increase your mobility to reduce the stress and depression of joint pain.

2. Do Physical Activity and Exercise

Exercise is the best thing to do to prevent the joint pain. A person who does some physical activity from the starting prevents themselves from joint pain. But at this age, all the physical activity should be done slowly otherwise it will cause severe condition because joint are already weak if more pressure will be given then it may cause more problems.

3. Drink lots of Water and Detoxify

At the old age, thirst level decreases which cause chronic dehydration and can further cause health problems like Osteoporosis or Arthritis. So it is very important for the old age people to detoxify their body with water as it will reduce ama.

4. Include Probiotic-Rich Foods

Probiotics play an important role in the inflammatory Arthritis and Joint pain. People with inflammatory arthritis suffers inflammation in the intestinal tract which increases the problem in the digestive tract and Probiotics helps in relieving the Problem. Foods like Curd, yoghurt and Yakult are rich in probiotics which can be included in the diet.

5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It is important to add omega 3 fatty acids in the diet for the perfect health. The high amount of omega 3 fatty acids gives relief from the Arthritis pain as well as joint stiffness. Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Olive Oil are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and should be included in the diet for the healthy knees and joints.

6. Meditation

Meditation allows the body to relax and give the body the chance to fight Arthritis pain and stiffness which helps with better mechanism and metabolism. People who are suffering from depression, as well as joint knees, should do meditation daily for 15-30 minutes which will help in improving the bone health.

A healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy food and daily physical activity helps in reducing the Joint Pain in the older adults. Follow the above guidelines restore comfort and balance of your joints. Support your bones and joints and they will support you!

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  1. Using the hot water bag and cold water bag one by one is another great way to treat your pain.

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