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Avoid these 10 mistakes while trying to lose weight

A healthy person is not only someone who is disease-free but also who is physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially active or healthy. If we talk about health, it is important to maintain all these four aspects and healthy body weight. Maintaining healthy body weight is not a short term goal but it is a long term goal, which can be achieved by not only controlling the diet but also by making lifestyle changes at the same time. While considering the diet lose weight, we should not be doing these mistakes. Keeping in mind that more and more people are getting involved in diet and lifestyle changes, many options are available to achieve the same. One needs to keep in mind that we need to choose wisely from the options available, which is not only feasible but also can be done in the long run and helps to sustain a healthy weight.

There are certain things that we need to keep in mind while trying to lose weight, you must avoid these mistakes during weight loss:

  1. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT: No individual is the same in terms of body composition, therefore we need to choose what is best for us. One should not do something only because his/her friend or family member is doing it. Different bodies respond to different diet patterns.
  2. MAKE A PLAN OF ACTION: Before starting a regime, one should look for both pros and cons and should rule out things which are practically impossible and opt for the feasible one.
  3. CONSULT AN EXPERT: One should always consult with an Expert to get guidance in losing weight as it is a safe way to lose weight. One should not follow anything and everything blindly as there are little things that need to be taken during a weight loss journey.
  4. KEEP IN MIND YOUR MEDICAL CONDITION: In order to lose weight, one should never compromise on medical conditions. Take both the things hand in hand for better outcomes. Whenever you are consulting a healthcare coach, one should always discuss all the medical conditions in detail, get the all required blood test done, and should never hide anything.
  5. DO NOT STARVE: One should never starve in order to lose weight. In order to lose weight, manage your food intake instead of starving yourself as it can slow down your metabolism.
  6. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Nothing alone works wonders, if you will plan a diet and do a physical activity together, you will get better results. Choose whatever suits you and what you can continue in the long run. You can choose from cycling, aerobics, brisk walk, yoga, swimming, etc, whatever is feasible for you and do it for at least 30-45 minutes 5 days a week.
  7. EAT A BALANCED DIET: When on a diet plan, one should always include micro as well as macronutrients in a balanced amount to achieve a healthy weight loss and which should not result in malnutrition. Sometimes a deficiency of micronutrients like Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin B12, etc can also make losing weight a tough task. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Also, eat whole grains like quinoa, barley, oats, whole wheat, etc in your diet. Are you following a Personalised Balanced Diet as per your Body type? If not start this from today for better weight loss results. 
  8. EAT SMALL FREQUENT MEALS: To achieve weight loss, divide your meals through 5-6 times in a day instead of having 3 large meals. Eating small frequent meals not only improves your digestion but also helps in improving your metabolism. Avoid taking late dinners, in case you have to take a late dinner always take care of your portion size.
  9. SLEEP WELL: It is important to have 6-8 hours of sleep every day as it helps to boost up the metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss and also manages your stress levels.
  10. KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED: Not only eating well is important but keeping yourself hydrated and having 10-12 glasses throughout the day is also important. It is also important to have liquids throughout the day and to avoid having it in one go as it can lead to water retention and gastric discomfort.

Along with these things, you should also keep in mind that all fats are not bad, the one in nuts and seeds is healthy if consumed in the right amount. Sugar or sweeteners should also be taken into consideration, if somebody cannot avoid sugars completely you can use sweeteners like natural stevia that can be taken in moderation. You must avoid sugars during weight loss.

Portion size is very important, always control your portion size and you should include variety in your plates. Never suppress your cravings, in case you are craving for any specific food item always look for a healthy choice and have it in a small quantity. You need to make a balance between everything and enjoy whatever you are eating. Eating healthy is not always boring.

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