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Health Advisory and Tips to fight Covid-19 Epidemic

Tips to fight Covid-19 Epidemic

A-    How-to Naturally keep the Home air Clean and Fresh 

1-    Camphor ( kafoor )

Camphor or Kafoor which is one of the most easily available compounds which can be used as a Fumigant ( burning camphor slowly ) to kill viruses in times like these, of a pandemic. It’s popularity and uses at home is well known and most homes have camphor. Camphor has a long history, it is not something new or untested, it is something we all have been using from time to time at home in India. The use of health and hygiene has been documented since ancient times across nations. Besides India, it was used in China and Japan for centuries. During the Black Death plaque, it was used as a fumigant. Unlike many other fumigants, camphor smoke does not irritate the eyes or throat and therefore is very useful for the home and office fumigation. It is safe as a fumigant for the elderly, the expecting mothers and even children. The only precaution one has to take is that the child should not eat the camphor mistaking it for sugar, because it is fatal if eaten. Learn “Immunity Building and Health Recovery Nutrition Plan” from expert (Click here to learn more).

Camphor is known to kill bacteria, microbes, a virus very effectively.

Other uses of camphor include:

  • Application on the skin in the form of ointments to soothe the muscular aches and pains.
  • Application as an ointment is effective for itchy skin.
  • It is also added to oil application on the chest and throat when there is recurrent cough.

Precaution – One should not apply camphor products to wounds or broken skin.

Hence camphor is a promising antiviral agent due to ease of availability and it’s effectiveness in killing viruses

2-    Loban

Loban dhoop is scientifically Gum Benzoin, It has a nice aroma and is obtained from the bark of several trees ( genus -Styraz). The fumes of this compound are very effective against bacteria and Viruses. This compound is used in several places of worship throughout the Indian Subcontinent as a purifier.

In a scientific study conducted on loban , two rooms were selected, one room was purified with loban fumes daily for a few days and the other room was not fumed. After few days of such activity, in both rooms agar culture plates were placed to see the growth of microbes, The study clearly demonstrated that the room with loban purification did not allow the microbes to grow much whereas in the non-purified room the bacteria multiply rapidly.

B-    How to keep our Homes Clean and Sanitized

1-    Soap and water Solution for cleaning doorknobs

Most of the times the area where the maximum microbes and bacteria stay are the doorknobs, handles, and the high touch places in the house. Viruses and bacteria can stay for several hours on such surfaces and be transmitted when we touch such surfaces. It is important to disinfect them from time to time. A simple way to make a cleaning solution at home is to take an old empty bottle of the cleaning spray with nozzle spray and in this add water, liquid soap and some disinfectant like Dettol / savlon, etc ) shake it well and you have a handy home disinfectant-ready.

2-    Bleach

For making cleaning and disinfecting solution of 0.1 % bleach, to make this take ¼ cup of bleach and mix it with 4 liters of water, mix well and keep it for cleaning kitchen slab, tiles, stone surfaces, sinks  ( avoid phones, hands, electronic items or painted surfaces as bleach is very harsh ) use it within 24 hours. Avoid using unwashed crockery and particularly plastic as corona stays on plastics longer.

You must not use or mix different cleaning agents at the same time. Some household chemicals, if mixed, can create dangerous and poisonous compounds.

3-    Clothes and protective masks

For people who have to go out outside the house If coming from outside wash clothes and cloth masks daily. If you are unable to wash woolens etc then put them out in the sun and use it only on alternate days. Dispose of paper masks daily by burning them or first dissolving them in a bleach solution before discarding.

4-    Alcohol ( 70%  concentration for application )

As we all know that alcohol in the 70% concentration is an effective virus killer ( do not drink, it can be fatal for humans too !) Dilute rubbing alcohol with water or aloe vera juice to make an effective hand sanitizer while retaining the 70% concentration, as pure alcohol is harsh for the hands. Make sure you leave the alcohol on the surface for at least 30 seconds for it to be effective.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

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