By Dr. Shikha Sharma
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How Ayurveda can help to live a healthy lifestyle

Ayurveda is an ancient study of life science since time immemorial. Ayurveda, apart from providing various therapeutic remedies for diseases, emphasizes maintenance, promotion of health, and its cure of diseases through diet and lifestyle management. As per Ayurveda, life is sustained by 3 factors of mental, physical, and spiritual well being constituted by the body (Sharir), senses (Indriyas), mind (Satwa), and spirit (Atma). The physical world including the human body (Sharir)  is derived from the specific combinations of five fundamental entities: Vayu, Akash, Teja, Jala, and Prithvi are known as Panchamahabhutas and the soul. Together these Panchamahabhutas form the Tridoshas: Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha. Tridoshas carry out the physiological activities and are responsible for the integrity and various functions of the human body.

Due to the faulty diet and lifestyle normalcy of the Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) is disturbed and they aggravate in the body. Aggravated Tridoshas disturb the balance of Dhatus and Malas causing their disturbance which manifests as various diseases in the body. Thus, the health of an individual depends upon the balance among the Doshas, Dhatus, and Malas.

Prevention is much better than curing a disease as per Ayurveda.

Try following these Ayurveda’s tips that  help in living a healthy lifestyle:

  • Fix a Routine: Stick on a fixed daily routine as sleeping and waking up on time is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a complete 8 hours of sleep improves the liver functioning and soothes the brain cells. Going early to bed and starting your day at 5 am is recommended in Ayurveda. Eating your meals at a regular time should also be adopted.
  • Eat only when you are hungry: After the digestion of the previous meal then only Agni is ready to digest the next meal as you feel hungry. Eating when you are not hungry leads to the imbalance of Kapha dosha and causes weight gain, indigestion, and poor assimilation.
  • Never suppress natural urges: Suppressing the body’s natural urges like burp, cough, flatus may result in an imbalance of Vata dosha. This leads to other problems like breathing problems, bloating, etc. It is advisable not to suppress natural bodily urges.
  • Walk and Practice Yoga: During exercise, your brain releases serotonin and endorphins to make you feel good, and also the whole body benefits from it. The digestive fire Agni is balanced by yoga and also helps to get the proper amount of oxygen to your lungs and brain. According to Ayurveda, everyone should exercise until they get the sweats out is the optimal limit for one’s exercise regimen.
  • Start meditating for 20 minutes: Meditating for every 20 minutes a day will help to cope with all of life’s daily activities and emotions. Meditation can help manage stress and mental disorders such as depression while many lifestyle-dependent diseases such as obesity and diabetes could be prevented by learning to respond to natural hunger and satiety signals.
  • Look at the bright side: When you look at life it has many surprises and it is not all that bad. Some incidences make you feel happy and some make you feel worse. Try and learn from each experience and look at the beautiful things rather than focusing on negative aspects of life.

As Ayurveda, all these tips are all thought to promote a healthy lifestyle and longevity of life.

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  1. I have a habit of pass stool 4 times a day , after every meal .is it a any sign of sickness. Pl suggest

    1. This is happening because of the food you are eating apart from that if you are facing any other issue something like diarrhea , then you can check with your physician , as there is something which is not suiting in your food.

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