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The Importance of Proper Nutrition to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic, endocrine disorder which is directly connected to carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. Nutrition plays a major role in diabetes management. It is commonly believed that diabetes cannot be cured completely, but it can be easily regulated and controlled with the right Nutrition. With the adherence to a personalised diet plan, diabetic patients may be able to significantly improve their quality of life. Healthy eating may be the most important tool we have in managing diabetes. Healthy eating also helps us to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, which can also improve the blood glucose and reduce the complications of diabetes, like heart disease, kidney disease and eye disease. And, if we exercise regularly along with making healthy food choices, we may need less medication.

Here are some steps that can be taken to control the blood sugar levels:

  • Eat your meals at regular time: This should include five to six meal in a day (Breakfast, Mid morning meal, Lunch, Evening snack, Dinner and post-dinner meal). Maintaining an eating schedule establishes a time frame for building the meals. It helps ensure that we don’t eat too much or too little throughout the day. It is important because our body is better able to utilize the insulin it produces or takes as a medication. Skipping meals or eating at irregular times causes highs or lows in blood sugar levels.
  • Eat the healthiest foods: A Healthy diet simply means eating the right food in moderate amount and at regular timings. This includes Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans, peas and lentils. Add small amounts of lean meats (including fish and poultry) and low-fat dairy products. These foods help us to reach a healthy weight and avoid any risks of diabetes complications. These food groups also contain fibre which moderates how our body digests and absorbs and converts these foods into sugar. Our body requires some complex carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, fruits, high fibre foods and to some extent low-fat dairy products as a source of blood sugar and overall health.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: We should also take care of the body weight in Diabetes management. Our weight plays a major role in controlling the blood sugar levels. Regular physical activity and eating a healthy meal at a proper time helps to maintain a healthy weight. Eating five to six meals in a day at regular times, in regular amounts of healthy foods will keep the appetite, waistline and blood sugars in good control.
  • Get Counsel from a Dietician: It is also proved that for managing diabetes include education, individualized counselling, individualized diet and exercise plans, and frequent contact for follow-up. If we go to a Diabetes experts / Dieticians and get counsel, we will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They help us to get a clear idea about a good nutrition in diabetes. This will make a slow and steady change in the eating pattern, exercise and attitudes that help us toward a new, healthier lifestyle.

The Vedique Diet can help you to manage your weight and improve your body’s response to diabetes. The Vedique Diet, by Dr. Shikha Sharma, can help to reduce the severity and symptoms for people suffering from Diabetes or who are pre-diabetic. Call now at 011-46666000

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