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Everything you need to know about Hypothyroidism!

Are you at risk of developing Hypothyroidism? Do you know, if left untreated, what all complications or problems an imbalanced thyroid can cause in the body? Here is the answer to these questions. 

The two primary things to take into account if you’re worried about the risk of developing hypothyroidism: are age and gender. Your likelihood of having hypothyroidism rises with age and is higher in women. Women over 50 are more prone to get hypothyroidism than men.

When your body doesn’t create enough thyroid hormones, you have hypothyroidism. People with hypothyroidism will have signs of a slow metabolism because the major function of the thyroid hormone is to regulate the body’s metabolism or the complete system of the body.

Hypothyroidism can develop and lead to a wide variety of complications if left untreated. Awareness of common signs and symptoms like uncertain weight fluctuation, changes in menstrual cycle, hairfall, anxiety, etc, can prepare you to control and avoid further health problems. 

The complications can be cured with a natural diet and therapy. The Vedique Diet Programme by Dr. Shikha Sharma is a one-stop solution for treating and managing hypothyroidism. To manage your thyroid levels the doctor focuses on 3 pillars of Vedique Diet philosophyuse Adaptogens (like Ashwagandha), use Immunomodulators ( Turmeric, cranberries, blueberries, peanuts) and Iron – rich foods ( seafood, spinach, iodised salt).


Complications of Hypothyroidism


Both male and female fertility is decreased by hypothyroidism. The production of sperm and eggs is controlled by the metabolism of sex hormones, which are regulated by thyroid hormones.

The frequency of menstrual issues is three times higher in hypothyroid women. The most typical symptoms are variations in flow and irregular menstruation. Infertility in women is also more prevalent in those with autoimmune thyroid conditions.

Low thyroid hormone levels have been associated with decreased libido, irregular sperm shape, and erectile dysfunction in men. A common side effect of hypothyroidism in men is decreased testosterone.


Birth Defects

Your child may be more likely to develop birth abnormalities if you are pregnant and have an untreated thyroid disorder. Thyroid hormones are essential for brain development, babies born to mothers with untreated thyroid diseases may experience serious problems with their physical and mental development.

Weight changes

Unexpected weight fluctuations may indicate thyroid problems. Normal thyroid hormone production helps in the body’s ability to burn fat and supports the liver and pancreas’ ability to digest stored calories for use as energy.


Heart Problems

Even the mildest kinds of hypothyroidism can have an impact on your heart’s health. Because it raises levels of unhealthy or bad cholesterol, hypothyroidism increases your risk of heart disease. Too much bad cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries which raises your risk of heart attacks and strokes. 


Mental Health Issues

If hypothyroidism is not treated, its symptoms might harm mental health. However, hypothyroidism symptoms will worsen if untreated. Your mental health may be directly impacted by this, and your depression may worsen as a result.

In addition, untreated hypothyroidism has been linked to a progressive decline in mental capacity.



The extra stress that occurs when your thyroid overworks to create enough hormones might cause the thyroid gland to grow to the point where you develop a bulge in your neck. This is known as Goitre.

Understanding the signs of hypothyroidism and seeking the proper medical attention is essential to preventing the disorder’s complications. With the correct care, hypothyroidism may be controlled and doesn’t have to affect your daily activities. 


The Vedique Diet Programme

The Vedique Diet Programme by Dr. Shikha Sharma provides a personalised diet and therapy to cure and manage Hypothyroidism

Once you join the programme you will get access to our exclusive Vedique Diet App which keeps track of your daily needs, updates your diet requirements, and allows you to contact our doctor and nutritionist directly.

We provide a Free Health Analysis for understanding your prakriti, which is the first step of managing your hypothyroidism.

We have helped more than 46000 people to treat their diseases, where many of them are sufferers of Hypothyroidism. Read the success stories of these people and choose a better life for yourself also through the Vedique Diet Programme.

You can get early access to our Blogs, Recipes, and special newsletter on disease prevention and management all you have to do is simply put your email address and sign in to join the programme which will give you a healthy life and body permanently. 


Sign up now and get started on the road to better health and a healthier lifestyle.


To join the Vedique Diet programme you can :

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