By Dr. Shikha Sharma
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Gained Weight Quicker Than You Lost It? This Is What Went Wrong

How to lose weight without Gym

Are you among those who have a tendency to lose weight but gain it back quicker? If yes, then you must have to be extra careful with your diet even after achieving your target weight. Even after your weight loss program is over, you have to follow the basic precautions in order to keep this weight maintained.

But even after doing so, at times we are unable to manage our weight. This is a serious concern and one must analyse the underlying cause for it. Let us have a look at some of the factors that can cause this weight gain:

Depression: Cortisol is the stress hormone which is released when a person is under pressure and it causes the body to metabolise the food slowly. When the person is tense or depressed, the type of foods the person crave tends to be fat and sugar-laden. It will result in significant weight regain. Smiling and laughing will help in diminishing the levels of stress hormone.

Underactive Thyroid: One of the reasons for gaining weight is hypothyroidism when the thyroid gland is under-active in the neck. This condition occurs very slowly and symptoms will appear slowly. Visit the doctor as soon as possible and take medication.

Excess Protein: Some dietary habits are responsible for gaining weight. Eating excess amount of proteins is one of them which may be the reason for gaining weight as it will get converted to fat. Maintain the muscle mass by taking enough nutrients as it will help in burning the calories.

Dehydration: We tend to eat excess calories by not drinking enough water which leads to weight gain. When a person is dehydrated, it will result in water retention as the body will conserve water for the vital functions and leads to a higher number on the scale.

Over Eat Healthy Foods: Portion size is important while eating healthy foods. Like avocados, oatmeal, vegetables should be taken in recommended servings to avoid weight gain.

Poor Gut Health: Unhealthy eating can affect the digestive system and it will blunt the weight loss efforts because the beneficial bacteria which control everything will be affected. Good sources of prebiotics like legumes, onions, spinach, oats and probiotics like yoghurt as well as fermented products should be recommended for gut health.

Sitting All Day: Many people have a sedentary lifestyle and spend prolonged time sitting. This may lead to the negative health effects. Do 2-3 minutes walk after every half an hour as it will reduce fatigue.

Steroid Treatment: Steroids are used for treating many problems like asthma, arthritis but the use of these for a longer period of time will increase weight as this will make the person feel hungry.

Tiredness: People who sleep less than 7 hrs are more likely to gain weight because of reduced levels of leptin (a chemical which provides a feeling of fullness after meals) than people who sleep for more than 9 hrs.

Fluid Retention: It is the fluid which accumulates in the body which makes the parts of body swollen and it leads to weight gain.

Not Enough Exercise: Exercise is crucial for avoiding weight regain. It is based on a variety of factors like age, gender, weight, fitness levels etc. One must do at least 30 minutes of walking daily for weight maintenance.

Metabolism: Everybody has a set range where the body functions properly both physically and emotionally. When weight is moving higher than this set range then the metabolism speeds up and when weight is falling below it, the metabolism slows down to conserve energy.

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