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Is It Right To Make Bread Your Breakfast Staple? 

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Most of us prefer to have an easy and quick breakfast because of the hurry to do our day to day activities. But is it right to make bread as the breakfast staple? Different varieties of bread are available nowadays and easy spreads and fillings make it even more appealing and tasty but here are some points which will make you rethink about your choice of having bread in the morning and making it as your staple.

Low in essential nutrients

Be it white bread or whole wheat flour bread, when it comes to nutrition both disappoint us because of being low in essential nutrients. Even whole wheat flour bread does not have all the essential amino acids required by the human body. Most of the vitamins and minerals are also lost during the manufacturing.

Want to manage weight? Ignore bread on your way

Being on a low-calorie diet and consuming whole wheat bread is not a good option as even whole wheat bread doesn’t have only wheat. Along with it, they have refined wheat flour as well as other harmful substances incorporated during its processing which cannot meet the purity that eating a whole wheat flour chapati does.

High in simple carbohydrates

Bread is made by converting the wheat grain into a fine powder which in return raises the glycemic index and consuming bread can lead to an immediate rise in blood sugar levels which is not good for both diabetics as well as people who want to lose weight.

Low in fibre content

Bread is low in fibre content than whole grains. Eating bread in breakfast is not as filling as eating a whole wheat flour chapati so you may end up eating more unhealthy snacks to balance your satiety as fibre helps in providing a feeling of fullness. A diet low in fibre is also the reason behind bloating and constipation.

Lots of preservatives, sugars and salt

Wheat grain is not the only ingredient present in bread. Manufacturing of bread involves using other ingredients like preservatives, salt and sugar. Some bread available in the market has high fructose corn syrup and also hydrogenated oils.

Increases bad cholesterol

Bread are low in fibre and vitamin E which play an important role in lowering the bad cholesterol i.e LDL and vitamin E helps in flushing out free radicals from the body. Thus consumption of bread on daily basis increases the risk of heart diseases.

Thus we arrive at the conclusion that consumption of bread on daily basis is not good for health and they cannot replace our staple cereal when it comes to nutrition and health. Therefore it is really important to consume bread in moderation. Moreover the type of bread we choose also plays a crucial role as there are lots of options available in the market like multigrain bread, rye bread which are proven to improve the blood cholesterol as well as sugar levels but excessive consumption can lead to obesity and other health problems which makes breads unacceptable to have as our breakfast staple.

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  1. If we make bread at home which includes rahi flour, oats flour and wheat flour. Will it be healthy?

    1. That is Fine and instead of having plain wheat flour or refined wheat flour it's good that you are mixing healthy ingredients but don't make it as a staple, sometimes you can switch to different flour chapati or you can take millets.

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