By Dr. Shikha Sharma
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Kapha Prakriti Suffers most from Obesity

Recent research has shown evidence of connecting the Ayurveda concepts of Prakriti with metabolic activities, various body types and diseases related to particular genotype.

Prakriti analysis is an important fundamental theory of Ayurveda which involves understanding health and diseases known through Tridosha. This concept involves three bio energies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and how human physiology is affected by it. The Prakriti analysis of a person provides us with a fair indication of his or her physiological weaknesses and strengths, general thought process, and susceptibility to various illnesses.

Each constitution type has specific physiological, physical and psychological characteristics which depend upon the predominance of each dosha in an individual. Kapha dosha is made of water and earth elements. So the Kapha individuals reflect these qualities. A Kapha person will be gentle personality, have broader bone structure, with bigger bones and easy-going and stable nature. Growth, anabolism, storage, maintenance of structure and stability are contributed by kapha dosha which is in the dominant condition in this Prakriti.

Each Prakriti is found to have unique metabolic activities. As per Ayurvedic texts, Kapha type has a slow metabolism, Pitta type has a fast metabolism and Vata type has a variable metabolism. There are different studies that have tried to establish a correlation between specific Prakriti types and different metabolic activities occurring in the body. A recent study has indicated that – body mass index (BMI) in kapha Prakriti is considerably higher than in Vata and Pitta Prakriti.

Based on different properties of the body types, kapha body types have a tendency to gain weight due to slow metabolism and easy going, lethargic tendencies. It may lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiac ailments, hypertension etc. Which is collectively viewed as metabolic syndrome.


  • Any child with Kapha Prakriti should be encouraged to take part in compulsory physical activities as such persons have a natural tendency for reduced movement.
  • Eat Kapha balancing diet which would increase metabolism.
  • Kapha person should not aim to become skinny as it would not be healthy and will be against their body’s inherent nature.
  • Introduce some of the fire element into your food and lifestyle. This will balance the water and earth elements of Kapha Dosha. Add black pepper, turmeric, and ginger in your diet.
  • Increase intake of bitter and astringent tastes in your food. Include green leafy vegetables, beans, soups, green mung dal and astringent vegetables such as brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower.
  • Eat warm, light, cooked foods.
  • Stay away from heavy, cold desserts such as ice cream and cheesecake, as these will only slow your metabolism

Lifestyle tips for balancing Kapha

  • Regular exercise
  • Inculcate habit of breathing more deeply
  • Kapha types need to eat their major meal at noon because digestive fire is strongest at that time

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