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Reasons To Include Jasmine Infusion To Your Day

Reasons To Include Jasmine Infusion To Your Day

Green teas are a rage today. They are popular as they bring with them countless benefits like fat loss, cancer prevention, arthritis relief and improved cognitive function.

Generally, tea has a rajasic effect because of the caffeine in it. Little of the rajas is important to win over the lethargy caused by Kapha but to taking them in large quantity may disturb dosha balance. If you are a tea lover and would love to keep your dosha balance intact, try Jasmine Infusion as along with loads of health benefits, it also counters the rajasic influence of caffeine.

The Jasmine flower used as infusion comes from Jasminum sambac species. This flowery-tasting beverage is completely free of calories and very beneficial for health. It contains cancer-preventing compounds called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. Jasmine tea also has antioxidants which help in neutralising free radicals in the body. The jasmine tea intake can strengthen immune systems and ensure reduced risk of heart ailments along with diabetes prevention and low weight. It improves digestion and helps lowering cholesterol.

Different green teas have a balancing and aggravating effect on different doshas so while choosing green tea, one should keep their dosha effect and energetics in mind.

Effect Of Jasmine Infusion On Doshas

Balances Kapha and Pitta and increases Vata (if taken in excess)

Taste: Astringent and bitter in taste

Potency: Hot

After Taste: Pungent

Effect on Mind: Satvik

Jasmine Infusion And Its Benefits

Effect on Nervous system

Jasmine infusion imparts a sedating effect on the nervous system. It helps calm the nerves and uplift the mood. Jasmine is known to be anti-spasmodic and pain reliever. It brings a sense of positivity and helps insomnia patients to have a good sleep

Strong Antioxidant

Jasmine flowers act as anti-oxidant due to catechins present in it. Antioxidants detoxify our body of free radicals- harmful agents which cause diseases by compromising our immune system.

Helps in Weight Loss

Jasmine tea has been used as an anti-obesity beverage as it aid in weight loss. Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps increase metabolism. As your metabolic efficiency increases, it makes your exercise effective and helps your body lose weight quicker.

Helps in Cancer Prevention

As per the researches all over it has been proved that regular consumption of jasmine tea helps in the prevention of cancer due to active polyphenols, like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). They improve immunity against free radicals and other harmful carcinogenic elements in the body.

Manages Diabetes

Owing to its tikta (bitter) and Kashaya (astringent) taste, jasmine tea works against blood sugar and help reduce it.

Reduces Stress

The fruity fragrance of jasmine has a relaxing effect on the olfactory system which in turn relaxes the entire body and help to alleviate stress and uplifts the mood.

Improves Digestion

Adding Jasmine infusion to your normal diet can benefit the gastrointestinal system by balancing doshas and improving digestion. Antioxidants present in jasmine tea interact with the gastrointestinal enzymes to improve bowel functions.

Boosts Immunity

The overall immune system is improved by including jasmine tea in daily routine as it decreases the body’s vulnerability to many disease-causing pathogens due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature.


Jasmine tea has shown to epigallocatechin compound to have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, which are the common symptoms associated with arthritis.

Antibacterial Properties

Studies have shown antibacterial properties of jasmine especially E. coli in test subjects. It is the major cause of bacterial infections through unhygienic cooking or poorly preserved food. It may help a great deal of relief from cough and cold or throat infection or food poisoning.

Get all these benefits of Jasmine Infusion in the form of tea bags and whole flowers.

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