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What Is Prakriti And How To Know It?

What Is Prakriti And How To Know It?

Consider this situation – siblings born to the same parent, living in the same atmosphere, eating the same food but one hates brinjal and the other loves them. Not only this, they have a different nature, likes and dislikes. Ever wondered why?

As per Ayurveda, we all have a life force from birth which comprises five elements of nature- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space. We all are unique as these five elements are present in varying degrees. Those dominant elements decide the physical and psychological qualities of an individual. These five elements are represented in our body in the form of three energies known as “Tridoshas”. Three fundamental doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata is the energy of movement which constitutes space and air element. Pitta is the energy of digestion and metabolism it constitutes fire and water element. Kapha is the principle of structure and lubrication it constitutes water and earth element.

The perfect state of balance between these three energies is good health. Each human body has all the three doshas, but a different combination of them presents one’s inherited physical and personality traits from their forefathers. Understanding this genetic variation in different human bodies is called Prakriti analysis.

How To Do Prakriti Analysis

Go on observing your likes and dislikes, thought process, dreams, body frame and everything about you, it tells you about your Prakriti. This analysis largely relies upon comparative grading of mental and physical features in reference to three energies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Based on it Ayurveda divides the body types into seven different prakriti, Vata, Pitta-Kapha, Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha, Vata-Kapha and Tri-dosha.

Know Your Prakriti

Characteristics of Vata Prakriti

These people are mostly underweight, slim, have brittle bones, joint crepitation with movements, dry hair and skin. Thirst and appetite levels are erratic. Mostly they have disturbed sleep and low resistance to diseases. Chronic constipation is quite common in Vata personalities. They are more prone to diseases like insomnia, memory loss, joint pain and mental illnesses.

Nutrition advice: Prefer sweet, sour, salty tastes like most whole grains, root vegetables, grape fruit, lime juice etc. Also include cow’s ghee, dairy and warm water in the diet .

Characteristics of Pitta Prakriti

They are of medium built, soft and thin hairs, prone to premature graying, skin is usually thin, oily and prone to acne and rashes. They generally tend to have regular sleep of 7-8 hrs. Their appetite and thirst levels are usually high . They have a commanding voice and by nature, they are bold, intelligent and aggresive . They sweat a lot and more inclined toward the diseases of digestion and metabolism .

Nutrition advice: Prefer sweet, bitter and astringent tastes such as coconut, wheat, barley, bitter gourd, green leafy vegetables, sweet fruits like mango and banana more in the diet. Avoid spicy and oily food to bring balance.

Characteristics of Kapha Prakriti

They have a broad body frame, big bones, generally overweight, thick, wavy hair, thick and moist skin. They generally have da eep and sound sleep . They don’t talk too much and speech is also slow. They can’t stay hungry for too long . By nature, they are calm, friendly, well behaved and honest . They have good resistance to diseases and are more prone to respiratory disorders and obesity. They have a tendency to retain water in the body.

Nutrition advice: Prefer pungent, bitter and astringent tastes like jamun, peppers, beans, buckwheat, jowar, bajra, ginger more in your food. Avoid excessive intake of ghee, oil, milk and milk products.

Rest four body types are a combination of the above features.

Do you know Kapha Prakriti people suffer most from obesity? Follow Simple Tips To Balance Kapha

It would help an individual to know the nature of mind and body, an ideal state of balance, signs of imbalance and offer solutions using nutrition and herbs to re-establish balance by making most nourishing choices.

To know which Prakriti you belong to you can do a simple Prakriti Analysis in our Vedique Diet App.

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