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High Sugar Intake Erodes Gut Immunity


Gut is a crucial organ that not only controls digestion and also the body metabolism . It is the place of inhabitation of many  microbiomes that help to build up the gut immunity. The gut bacterias fight with the germs and infections that  cause digestive disorders and also keeps the immune cells healthy. 

There are many factors that can affect gut health and immunity like diet, lifestyle, medications, age and chronic diseases. Out of these the most important is the kind of food we eat . One food which can erode our gut immune system are the sugars.

If we take a rich amount of sugars and sweet foods in our diet, it will damage the gut lining and kill the healthy microorganisms residing over there. The excess of sugars cannot be broken down or absorbed by the body systems, so it sticks in the digestive tract.This undigested form of sugar will feed the bad bacterias living in the gut and in turn disturb the gut immunity. This can lead to gas, bloating, cramps and increased craving for sugar. It can also cause various metabolic disorders like diabetes, irregular bowel syndrome, diarrhoea and unexplained constipation. 

According to Ayurveda, the sign of healthy Gut Immunity is the healthy OJAS of the body. Ojas is the immunity  that keeps the Tridoshas in balance and controls the body functions. If we eat food according to our dominant doshas,season and age,our gut immunity will remain healthy. But taking too much of apathya aahaar  like excess of sugars in our food plate will disturb this immunity.

The following herbs if consumed in our daily regimen will not only help to boost up the gut immunity but will also build up the healthy microbiomes in the gut.

Gacula – It consists of three powerful plant herbs: Garcinia Cambogia ,Turmeric and Amla. These  herbs boost up the metabolism, enkindle the digestive fire and maintain the  gut immunity.It helps in maintaining the liver and gut health so that they can break down the sugars into glucose and it can be used by the cells to generate energy. Garcinia Cambogia metabolises the sugars that are stuck to the gut lining and thus helps in weight loss.Turmeric aids in the healthy function of the digestive system by breaking down the sugars into glucose and supports the body’s natural mechanisms of detoxification. Amla, a rich source of Vitamin C is not only an immunity booster but also is a food for the gut. It acts as an astringent that helps in removing the infections and cleanses the gut.

2 Zingi Plus Zingiplus is a potent herbal formulation which contains 4 key ingredients like Milk Thistle, Ginger, Turmeric & Cinnamon. Milk thistle  improves the Gut Immunity by stimulating the formation of healthy bacteria that fights infections. The healthy gut aids in the formation of gut biomes and fights the bad effects of sugars.Ginger is a carminative and anti-inflammatory by nature that maintains the gut and liver health. Turmeric is an antioxidant  that helps to  fight against any infections and builds up immunity. 

3 Basil Berry It is a healthy combination of herbs like basil, giloy, turmeric, neem and amalaki. Basil has a rich amount of essential oils like eugenol, citronella etc and minerals like potassium, copper and magnesium. All these components are anti bacterial and anti inflammatory by nature. They help in preventing the harmful effects of sugars and also acts as an antioxidant.Giloy or Amrita boosts energy and immunity because of its Balya and Rasayan properties. The herbs like turmeric, neem and amalaki are all antioxidants that help to heal the damage caused to the liver and gut due to excess sugar intakes.

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