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This Navratri Eat As Per Your Prakriti

This Navratri Eat As Per Your Prakriti

Navratri is around the corner. It is 9-days fasting, observed by Hindus all over the world. It is celebrated twice a year and it falls during the change of season.

Fasting is an ancient method of detoxifying the body. From an Ayurvedic perspective, having foods like grains, meat, alcohol, onion, garlic, etc attracts negative energies called Tamsik in nature They should be avoided during a seasonal change when our body has low immunity and are more susceptible to cause illness. The objective of Navratri is to reduce these disturbing influences and increase Satva(positivity and simplicity), to prevail over the mind and body.

One should include the diets according to the Prakriti of the individual, that is the predominance of Doshas according to Ayurveda as it helps in a good detox and balances Doshas.

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Diet for Vata Prakriti

Vata Prakriti individuals should have a Vata pacifying diet that includes moist, warm and oily in nature. Eat more bananas, apples,  melons, yoghurt and soup. Saute Paneer is a healthy option for Vata individual. Sago (Sabudana) Kheer can also be incorporated into the diet. Oily foods like coconut, nuts, seeds, olives, whole milk can be consumed rather than fried one. Avoid drying foods like popcorn, crackers, etc. Enjoy raw fruits in moderation. Incorporate ghee, butter and pureed vegetable soups in the diet.

Diet for Pitta Prakriti

Pitta Prakriti individual should follow a pitta pacifying diet. Eat cooling foods like milk, ghee, fresh yoghurt, pumpkin raita, lauki and cucumbers. In addition, smoothies are a great food choice for Pitta persons. The reason is that smoothies help immensely with detoxifying the body. Mix some berries with yoghurt and blend them well in the mixer. You can add coconut sugar or organic palm sugar if needed. Limiting consumption of pooris, paapad, pakodas and potato wafers is essential for persons having Pitta body type. Use cumin and coriander in your diet. Minimize chillies and sour fruits like green grapes, grapefruit, and pineapple. Semak rice kheer is a good dessert option for Pitta individuals.

Diet for Kapha Prakriti

Kapha Prakriti individual should follow a Kapha pacifying diet. Eat boiled potatoes and dry fruits like Almonds (4-5) and Walnuts (1-2). Amla or gooseberries can be consumed in the form of juice, chutney or jam. During Navratri, Kapha persons can have cucumber water, mint water, coriander water, or fruit-infused water instead of your regular plain water. Gear up your protein intake. Foods are rich in protein help in achieving weight loss. Avoid oily foods like coconut, nuts (in excess quantity), cow milk and buttermilk. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits. Persons with Kapha constitution should avoid very ripe and sweet smoothies and instead should opt for vegetable smoothies such as cucumber smoothie or pumpkin smoothie.

Avoid bananas, milk and paneer. Include fruits like pomegranate, apple and papaya in your diet. Avoid excessive sweet, sour and salty foods.

So this Navratra, try these foods as per your Prakriti to make it more pious and healthy at the same time.

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