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5 Ways to bring your Insulin under control.

Diabetes is a medical disorder characterized by elevated blood sugar (or glucose) levels. The pancreas releases the hormone insulin, which helps to break down carbohydrates into glucose and allows it to enter the cells to provide energy.

In Diabetes, our body doesn’t make enough insulin or becomes resistant to insulin. In such conditions, glucose starts to accumulate in our blood. Too much glucose in our blood over a period of time can cause serious health issues.

One of the critical ways to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes is controlling insulin. This blog provides examples of the most efficient methods for lowering and controlling our blood sugar levels.


Some simple steps to regulate your body’s insulin levels:

After every meal, take a 15-minute walk.

Our blood sugar rises after having a meal, which leads to a rise in insulin levels. Walking for 10 to 15 minutes after a meal is the best way to lower our post-meal insulin levels. This will reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal, which is usually observed by Diabetics.

Avoid having snacks between meals.

Whenever we eat, our blood insulin level rises. If we consume snacks between meals, it will spike our insulin levels more frequently. We need to avoid snacks between meals per day if we want to lower our insulin levels. Sticking to a set eating schedule also helps to manage your body accordingly.

Have Early Dinner.

Have an early dinner at night. Our body either stores or burns calories. Our body will start accumulating these calories as fat if we consume a lot of refined carbs (Sugar/Maida, sweets) at night on the De-novo-Lipogenesis pathway. However, if we have a low- or no-carb meal, our blood sugar will rise very slightly, which will enable our body to burn fat that has been stored overnight while we fast.

Incorporate Intermittent fasting into our lifestyle.

Our blood sugar levels drop when we fast. The longer we fast, the more our glucose levels will drop, and after a certain point of time, when we are in a deep fasting phase, our bodies will also start to burn the fat that has been stored in our bodies. Therefore, intermittent fasting is a great way to control your blood sugar levels.

Try to have fewer refined carbohydrates and more complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and healthy fats in our diets.  

Refined carbohydrates like sweets, sugary foods, sugary drinks, and maida preparations (Pasta, Pizza, burgers, etc) get absorbed in our bodies very quickly resulting in a huge insulin spike. Alternatively, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat roti, oats, lentils, etc get absorbed in our body slowly as they have a sustained release, hence do not cause a huge insulin spike, but rather provide us energy slowly throughout the day. Additionally, fiber content significantly lowers the insulin surge. Consuming foods high in fiber along with carbohydrates will significantly reduce the insulin spike. Although dietary fat intake has a minor effect on insulin levels, dietary protein intake also leads to an insulin rise, although one that isn’t significant as the insulin spike caused by carbohydrates.

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The Vedique Diet includes and focuses on:

Body Prakriti and multiple organ (liver, gut, kidney) health.Providing long-term results by working on the root problems i.e. inflammation and not just the symptoms No need for fasting diets that are personalised as per age, nutritional requirements, body composition and type, stage of diabetes – prediabetes vs diabetes, severity of diabetes, Diet as per the severity of the disease, In addition to aloe vera, Jamun, neem, methi, or Himalayan berries, herbs specific to your body type and Prakriti will be given

To manage sugar levels, our Nutritionists will use methods like carb counting and glycemic index measurement to help you decide what and how much to eat. To work on the root cause of inflammation and to improve organ health in the long term, the doctors and nutritionist will prescribe a combination of kitchen herbs, concoctions and superfoods. As a result, your blood sugar level will remain within a healthy range, while we work on reversing diabetes. 

A person with diabetes shouldn’t feel as though their options for meals are limited and restricted. The Vedique diet provides a meal plan which has fiber, protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats to prevent and manage diabetes. There is no abstinence required. Along with being healthy the diet is tasty and satisfies the taste buds.

More than 46000 people have received treatment from us for their diseases, including those suffering from diabetes. By following the Vedique Diet Program, you can make a healthier lifestyle choice for yourself, too. Check out these success stories.

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