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Herbs and spices for a flat belly


The traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda emphasises the need of keeping a healthy digestive tract for general wellbeing. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in the digestive fire, or “Agni,” can lead to various health issues, including weight gain and an unhealthy belly. By incorporating specific herbs and spices into our diet, we can support healthy digestion and achieve a flatter belly.

Herbs and spices

Individual bodily kinds, or “Prakriti,” are recognised in Ayurveda, and by selecting herbs and spices that are compatible with our Prakriti, their efficacy can be increased. To know your parkriti (body constitution), click here Parkriti Assessment

Let’s explore some herbs and spices recommended in Ayurveda for a flatter belly based on Prakriti.

Vata Prakriti

People with Vata Prakriti often have slim bodies, yet they frequently experience digestive problems like bloating and irregular bowel motions. They might add warming spices to their meals, including cumin, ginger, and cinnamon, to aid digestion and encourage a flat stomach. These spices help kindle the digestive fire and reduce bloating.

Pitta Prakriti

Those with Pitta Prakriti often have a medium build and a strong digestion. On the other hand, imbalances can cause the body to overheat, which can lead to inflammation and edoema. Cooling herbs and spices like coriander, fennel, and mint can be beneficial for Pitta types. These herbs help soothe the digestive system, reduce acidity, and alleviate bloating.

Kapha Prakriti

Kapha Prakriti individuals have a sturdy build and may be prone to weight gain and water retention. In order to boost digestion and promote a flatter stomach, kapha types can enhance their meals with hot, warming spices like black pepper, turmeric, and mustard seeds. These spices aid in promoting metabolism, decreasing water retention, and stimulating digestion.

3 Powerful herbs and spices: Ajwain | Guggul | Cinnamon


Ajwain, or carom seeds, have digestive properties that aid in reducing bloating and improving overall digestion. Consuming a teaspoon of ajwain seeds with warm water after meals can help alleviate gas and promote a flatter belly.


Triphala consists of three fruits: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki. It acts as a gentle detoxifier and promotes healthy digestion. Triphala can be consumed as an herbal powder or in the form of capsules to support a flatter belly and overall well-being.


Guggul has anti-inflammatory properties and weight-loss benefits. helps to break down fat easily, which reduces the waist circumference. People diagnosed with diabetes benefit the most because of its weight-reduction properties and ability to protect against chronic diabetes-related diseases. It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood of regular consumers. But its consumption should be strictly under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.


Cinnamon is found in every kitchen and is a spice used to add flavour to food. People who add cinnamon to their meals experience an increase in metabolic and energy levels. Cinnamon consists of natural fibre, which makes you feel fuller for a long period of time. Regular consumption of cinnamon suppresses hunger. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon aid in weight loss.

It’s important to remember that incorporating herbs and spices alone may not be sufficient for achieving a flatter belly. A balanced and nutritious diet, regular exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep are equally vital components of a healthy lifestyle.

Before incorporating any new herbs or spices into your diet, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or healthcare professional, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

In conclusion, Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to achieving a flatter belly by considering an individual’s Prakriti. By incorporating herbs and spices tailored to your body type, you can support healthy digestion, reduce bloating, and promote a flatter belly while enjoying the diverse flavours and benefits of Ayurvedic ingredients.

Prakriti Analysis Individual

Prakriti is the basic constitution of an individual which is formed at the time of birth. It is very useful to do the prakriti analysis as it tells us about the mental, physical and functional aspects of our body. The prakriti based guidelines for diet, lifestyle and usage of herbs results in healthy tissue and balance of doshas. If we take out some time to do our prakriti analysis, it will help us to know about our body cond

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Envisioned by Dr. Shikha Sharma, the Vedique Diet is India’s #1 Doctor-driven, scientific weight loss & disease management programme. It is an amalgamation of the best practices of science-backed Ayurvedic nutrition and modern nutrition. The programme follows the philosophy of the Ayurvedic understanding of body composition (Prakriti), and the way food and the environment react with our body.  The programme has helped over 51000 patients lose weight, fight diseases, and become healthier over the past 22 years.

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