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Keto Diet – Good or Bad for Diabetics?

Diabetes management involves not only how much one eats, but also what one eats. Reversing diabetes is not simple, it takes hard work, discipline, and dedication to eating right and at the right time. The key to controlling blood sugar and diabetes reversal is to eat a nutritious, balanced diet that works on inflammation and improving organ health. A diet with the right amount of protein, fibre, healthy fats, healthy carbs, essential vitamins, and minerals is essential for diabetics.


What is the Keto Diet?

A popular low-carb, high-fat diet for weight loss is the ketogenic diet. To enter ketosis, a metabolic state when your body primarily uses fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, a person needs to reduce carbohydrate intake while increasing fat intake. 

The keto diet restricts foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as grains and the majority of fruits, and instead emphasises on foods that are high in proteins and fats (think meats and nuts). As a result of this lack of carbohydrates, one’s body turns fat into energy. This may lead to inflammation and insulin resistance in the body.


How is Keto Diet bad for Diabetics?

When you have diabetes, there is no insulin production or insulin hormone does not work properly. With such a condition if you follow a keto diet the body will not be able to utilise carbs appropriately which might cause a surge in blood sugar levels. A keto diet that limits healthy carbs may also cause a drop in blood sugar. These sudden changes in blood sugar levels are harmful and can lead to further health complications as well.

Diabetics need to control their blood sugar levels for a healthy life and may use medications for it. If medications are coupled with a keto diet (which lacks carbohydrates), blood sugar can fluctuate a lot during different times of the day, posing a serious health risk to internal organs. It is potentially harmful if food intake and medication levels are not balanced. 

A ketogenic diet creates harmful inflammation in the body. If you eat food that is fried, has trans fats, artificial flavours, artificial colours, and specific refined oil, which is chemically processed it can cause inflammation and insulin resistance eventually.

There are almost no vegetables and salad in the keto diet which lacks most vitamins required to protect against degeneration caused by diabetes. So, keto is harmful in the long run. A Keto diet might give you short-term results of balancing but after that dangerous effects kick in.

It is important to have a monitored nutrition plan. The high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet may be popular right now, but it isn’t always a good option for everyone, especially for diabetics.

It is difficult to control blood sugar levels when on the keto diet, as the body does not use insulin in the proper way. Consequently, diabetics develop insulin resistance, which increases their risks further.


What are the risks involved with Keto Diet?

There are times when it is not the best choice to follow a strict diet like the ketogenic diet when it comes to sustainability. It poses risks, some of which include:

  • Hypoglycemia, blood glucose level that is below the usual range. You might feel weak, dizzy, have a fast heartbeat, be confused, have restless sleep, have a headache, etc, with too low blood sugar.
  • Stress on the Kidney, spike in blood sugar,
  • Flu-like illness, bacterial changes in the gut, and digestive issues regain of weight
  • Heart disease risk increases
  • Lack of nutrients, essential vitamins, and minerals cause deficiencies
  • Constipation and other health risks.

Peoplewith diabetes, especially if they also have high cholesterol, should stick with something that has a balanced nutritious diet like the Vedique Diet, which emphasises fruits and vegetables, herbs, whole grains, beans, nuts, and moderate amounts of lean poultry, and fish, fibre, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and right amount of protein. A vedique diet works holistically on the body’s bio-energy. It not only controls blood sugar levels but also takes care of all the other vital organs and their function in the body.

The best diet to manage diabetes is the one that balances blood sugar levels, supports the lifestyle, and is prescribed by a doctor. If you are on diabetics medication don’t jump into keto or a mixed keto diet. Think mindfully and make the right choices for your health. 

The Vedique Diet Programme

Using nutrition therapy and natural herbs, the Vedique Diet Program aims to target the root cause of diabetes, as well as overall health holistically. Using over 21 years of experience, the doctors and nutritionists at Vedique Diet by Dr. Shikha Sharma can help to control blood sugar levels, avoid further complications, and reverse glucose intolerance holistically.

Getting a healthier lifestyle and better health begins with the Vedique Diet. Over 46000 patients have gained benefits from the program. 

To be a part of the Vedique Diet programme:

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