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The Natural Remedy to Diabetes: The Vedique Diet

Diabetes is a prevalent medical condition in the modern world. A chronic disease that impacts how food is converted to energy.

Generally, it is caused when the body cannot produce enough insulin hormone, or cannot use the produced insulin, or sometimes both. Resulting in the blood’s sugar levels rising. A person can have diabetes also due to many factors like genetic conditions, lifestyle disorders, pregnancy, etc.

Heart disease, chronic kidney disease, nerve damage, as well as issues with the foot, oral health, vision, hearing, and mental health are typical diabetes health concerns. Numerous important organs, including your heart, blood arteries, nerves, eyes, and kidneys, are impacted by type 2 diabetes. Additionally, elements that raise the risk of diabetes also raise the possibility of other severe chronic illnesses.

To prevent this and help your body function properly- dietary modifications, safety measures, and physical activity are essential parts of diabetes management. 

For diabetes treatment and management, you need a correct and beneficial diet that supports multiple organs and controls diabetes holistically. The Vedique Diet programme by Dr. Shikha Shamra focuses on body Prakriti and making diet plans accordingly. 

Mostly diets by health care providers do not take into consideration the body’s Prakriti, they only focus on the removal of sugars, they do not provide herbs, cut calories, suggest eating less food, and the advise is common for all age groups which provides only short-term results. The Vedique Diet, however, differs from these unscientific diets, as it works on the root cause of diabetes to not only address the short term issues of blood sugar, but the overall long term goals of holistic diabetes reversal through natural foods, and kitchen herbs.


The Vedique Diet includes and focuses on : 


  • Body Prakriti and multiple organ (liver, gut, kidney) health.
  • Providing long-term results by working on the root problems i.e. inflammation and not just the symptoms 
  • No need for fasting
  • Diets that are personalised as per age, nutritional requirements, body composition and type, stage of diabetes – prediabetes vs diabetes, severity of diabetes, 
  • Diet as per the severity of the disease
  • In addition to aloe vera,  Jamun, neem, methi, or Himalayan berries, herbs specific to your body type and Prakriti will be given.

The Vedique Diet Programme follows the protocol of eating the correct food in correct amounts at the correct time, supplemented with the correct kitchen herbs – all personalised to your body type, prakriti, stage and severity of disease, lifestyle and more. 

To manage sugar levels, our Nutritionists will use methods like carb counting and glycemic index measurement to help you decide what and how much to eat. To work on the root cause of inflammation and to improve organ health in the long term, the doctors and nutritionist will prescribe a combination of kitchen herbs, concoctions and superfoods.  As a result, your blood sugar level will remain within a healthy range, while we work on reversing diabetes. 

A person with diabetes shouldn’t feel as though their options for meals are limited and restricted. The Vedique diet provides a meal plan which has fibre, protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats to prevent and manage diabetes. There is no abstinence required. Along with being healthy the diet is tasty and satisfies the taste buds.

More than 46000 people have received treatment from us for their diseases, including those suffering from diabetes. By following the Vedique Diet Program, you can make a healthier lifestyle choice for yourself, too. Check out these success stories.

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To join the Vedique Diet programme you can :

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